Synchronicity or Syncronization? . . . Steve Reich or Third Reich?

I’m posting two musical pieces.  The first is “Music for 18 Musicians” composed by Steve Reich.  Maybe you want to listen to it a couple times through, it’s worth at least a 10 minute meditation.

Then the second piece is a physics experiment demonstrating the stresses present which pressure 32 disharmonic metronomes to synchronize after only a few minutes.  I call it a musical piece but maybe you want to call it a rhythm piece.  No matter.  The experiment was not set up by but is explained by Joe Hanson, PhD, we can watch, meditate, and ponder upon the unseen processes at work which present themselves as both harmonics, and discordants, and which work to organize seemingly against the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.  But is it?  Watch and see if it gives you any ideas about the Nature of things.