What Do We Mean By Purpose?

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The first important cognitions that I had as a child involved wondering at the paradox of my own individuality.

Then as I grew the first important cognition came as I studied the Lutheran Catechism when I realized that man’s (my) purpose on earth was to unravel my own existence to my own satisfaction. This was a cognition or epiphany and not a teaching, was not taught, oh no, not in that Catechism! I practiced that Catechism, learned it, devoted time, energy, focus to it, even though my heart knew better; knew another type of path other than serving an

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anthropomorphic god was to be my path. Other cognitions followed, other satisfactions, but the most important one of all has remained that initial one regarding my purpose on earth and that one by itself defined the parameters of the path that I have walked and the game I have been playing. I have undergone many changes; many truths; many evolutions of my self, but that glimmer of my primary purpose has remained golden and now as I look back on the road which has been my life, I smile.  Those people that I’ve collected around me seem to have that purpose too.  We have simply walked the walk of life. Every possible walk of life is possible. Each possible walk has been and is being walked. It has been for the walking that we have walked.  What?  But that is a tautology!  Yes, it is!