Alternative Energy – Call It “The Energy Tango!”

I like to think about how we need energy and water to live and I often wonder at how on a planet that is 3/4 covered by water and in an entire universe consisting exclusively of energy in various forms how there could ever be a shortage of either. Nevertheless, I stumbled onto a conscientious and mindful person, Joyce Johnson Rouse, who goes by the pseudonym of “Earth Mama.” I enjoyed her performance of her song, “Energy Tango” and I hope you will too!

“We can get it from the fossil fuels: oil, coal or gas
But we don’t exactly know just how long they’re going to last.
And by burning them we pollute the atmospheric mass,
So we’re going to have to find alternatives. Ole`!

We can get it from plutonium, that may not be so good,
We can get it cutting down some trees and making firewood,
But, we need trees to purify the air and that is why we should
Continue to seek alternatives. Ole`!

Energy, oh, how much it means to me
Energy, for my car and lights and heat!

We can get it, from water rushing over dam or fall
It is cheap and it is clean, it hardly makes a mess at all
But we can’t dam (up) all the rivers , it would not be practical.
So we’re looking for more alternatives. Ole`!

There is solar, there is thermal, there is wind and there is wave,
And we’re working on a fuel cell of hydrogen, hooray
And there may be more tomorrow that we do not have today,
Cause we’re working on new alternatives. Ole`!

Alternatives, looking for alternatives!
Let’s learn to live conserving energy.

We can save it by remembering to just turn out the light
We can save it by turning down the thermostat at night
By reducing, reusing and recycling, that’s right!
And by searching for new alternatives. Ole`!”

©1995 Rouse House Music (ASCAP) 276-773-8529

What Is Gravity, and Why Does It Cause The Apple To Fall? . . . Or, “Picture Yourself In A Boat On a River.”

November 8, 2012 7:02 AM (updated with this *.gif April 2, 2017)gravity

I like this graphic *.gif that demonstrates spacetime bending toward the massive object as it travels in spacetime.

Vinaire:  Gravity is due to attraction between masses.                                                         Chris:  This seems to be a conjecture only to me. I see how we get to that conjecture, the apple falls, but why? It must possess a characteristic which attracts it to the earth.  Right?

The curvature of spacetime around the source o...

The curvature of spacetime around the source of the gravitational force (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And yet, is this the only possible solution? We have to do more on this and although I’ve written this post on gravity,  I think it belongs under the heading of space and space-time.  I am going to promote the idea that gravity may have more to do with space than it has to do with mass.  Even mass may be a characteristic of space.  We accurately measure the forces involved but are the forces the reason for gravity?  I say no, and this is why I’ve posted up this topic for discussion.  I am promoting the idea that SPACE IS A DYNAMIC SUBSTANCE WITH ELASTIC AND STICKY PROPERTIES.

Gravity at a macroscopic level.

Look at gravity as a property of space;  as a river of space flowing toward accretion points forming vertices in that matrix of space.  Picture the accretion points as “sticky bits of space” creating the vertices of space and you will see how I am trying to model this.

We might one day discover that “self” is one of the products of the properties of space.  How could this be so?  It would require space to be composed of a substance.  Rather than being empty, space may be a matrix; a structure;  a scaffolding which supports the accretion points.  It may be a dynamic and flowing dimension which invisibly supports and makes possible the visible.  Its observable effects, which are pervading every aspect of existence, may be pointing toward an as yet, undiscovered dimension.

Think of it this way: Mass might not have any intrinsic “gravity” at all and may simply be formed by and held in place by the elastic characteristics of space. This is crude, I know; however, it is a direction that is different than the extant view of physics. Is this idea a brilliant light to shine on the “dark matter” of extant physics; or is this idea as short-sighted as Aristotle’s <em>spontaneous generation theory</em>? Maybe.

And what of <strong>dark matter</strong>? Is dark matter the congealed but invisible portion of unconsolidated space? Or could dark matter be a type of well-spring from which dark matter emanates?  And was dark matter always present, underpinning original space since the big bang?  Or possibly has it made its appearance by first making the old universe milky with the initial evolutions of accretion?  Did space congeal into mass?  This seems to have happened but atomic particles and sub-atomic particles are generally regarded as separate and existing separately from space.  But is this so or are there sub-sub-atomic particles which comprise space in a way we haven’t looked at?  Regardless, space through the force of gravity, like the rest of the universe appears to be evolving.  Gravity as a quality of space may be the force but not the only force at work.

Take a look at this wide-angle photo of The Universe and let your imagination unwind!  These are not stars, neither are they galaxies nor even clusters of galaxies.  The bright points are super-clusters of galaxies!