It’s Tax Time Again. How Much Money Is a Lot of Money?

It's Tax Time Again.  How Much Money Is a Lot of Money?

I was wondering how tall stacks of money would get if I stacked them up using $100 dollar bills. Physically, a $100 bill-note is 4 mills thick (.004 inches also .1mm.)  Thus, $25,000 made up of $100 bills makes a stack 1 inch tall.
$100,000 that will buy a couple automobiles or a modest home or condo in Phoenix makes a stack of money 4 inches tall.
$1,000,000 (million) makes a stack 40 inches or 3′ 4″ tall.
$1,000,000,000 (billion) a stack 40 thousand inches = 3,334 feet high. At 1451 feet in height, the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower in Chicago is less than half this tall.
$1,000,000,000,000 (trillion) stacks to 631 MILES high. (For you metrics, that is 1,015 km.)

And the US National Debt at $17.3 trillion dollars and rising at the rate of $10,000 per second? That’s nearly 11,000 miles high.  And “unfunded liabilities” which are obligations that we are bound by law to pay total more than $127 trillion. How tall is that stack?  “Fuggedaboutit.”

Does that make the US Debt the largest fraudulent money scheme and conspiracy in the history of the world. I’d say “Yes, so far.”  That’s quite a lot of money.

What I Learned About My Own Mind From My Personal Computer

I see parallel functions between my PC and my mind.  So what are we working with?  What I’m seeing is the mind as a computational device.  This is not a new idea but it is my idea arrived at from research and from my personal investigation of my own mind.  The results of that research are arrived at on my own but they do not seem to be particularly original in the world as they have been arrived at in the past and seemingly will be arrived at continuously in the future.  Each of us has a level of curiosity in this regard, some more than others.

For me, the physical world is the superset of all that is manifest and this superset is finite by the moment.   It is the current result of the current computation.  Our perception of the physical universe as smoothly fluid is apparency which can be said to be covered by the phi phenomenon and of beta motion.

If the superset is finite, then the infinite is a subset of  the finite.  The only infinite thing is the irrational computation.  What is infinite about the “I” is its irrational limit resulting in perpetual computations.  There are irrational considerations such as the 22/7ths of π, etc.,.  What is infinite is the computation of irrational numbers.   I see the infinite process of irrational computation and project this onto other considerations such as <em>soul, eternal life as the self, etc.,.</em>