Ego: The Society Killer

In short, the perfect society would be that in which each class and each unit would be doing the work to which its nature and aptitude best adapted it; in which no class or individual would interfere with others, but all would co-operate in difference to produce an efficient and harmonious whole.” ~ Vinay Agarwala, 03-16-2021

I like that definition of a perfect society. Witness the honey bee.

Honeycomb On Tree Nature And Swarm Honey Bee On Comb Beehive Stock Photo,  Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 124848379.
Honey Bee Society
How Do Honey-bees make Beeswax and Comb?

The perfection of any human society can only ever be the result of abstraction, or in the vernacular, an opinion. The human brain, while cunning, is yet not the perfect brain for use in modeling a perfect society. Our brains though cunning are fraught with plump juicy ego. Ego is a society wrecker. It is the “nerve toxin” of a social society as surely as cobra venom is a nerve toxin to the organic body. The greater the ego, the more complicated and selfish is the individual.

Combining volumes of egos into a society’s genotype is the perfect randomizer to inject orders of magnitude of unpredictable fractal changes into that societal phenotype. As evidence of better societal models, I present you the ant and the honey bee. These two insect societies seem to succeed and to thrive in the absence of ego, ergo, individuality and choices.

Ego is the progenitor of choice. I compare the operation of society versus the operation of the human brain as I would macro physics to quantum mechanics. What appears to be happening and possibly successfully processing at the macro level of physics cannot be equated to what is happening at the sub atomic levels because these processes and objects do not abstract one for one back over to the . Successful societies are immensely complicated. They are so very complicated that they cannot afford their individuals the luxury of choice, or indeed identity beyond that individuals job.

An individual’s life is not complicated by an unknown mystery. It is complicated by the enormity of its discrete parts. And if that statement is true, then a society’s life is complicated by at least orders of magnitude more than that.

One thought on “Ego: The Society Killer

  1. That quote above is actually from Will Durant’s chapter on Plato from “The Story of Philosophy”. I was just highlighting it. Sorry for the confusion.

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