A Model of Reality

Vinaire had some very good insights regarding seeing reality clearly. I wonder how deeply into reality it may be possible to see and also how that week look.

Vinaire's Blog

Chowringee, Kolkata - April 1970

Reference: How to Make Our Ideas Clear

Reality is essentially what is there.

Reality may be distorted by the personal filters being used by the observer. But then such filters shall also be part of the reality.

So, the reality is made up of what is observed by the observer. But then the observer also should be included in that reality!

The  filter separates what is observed from the observer, while modulating the observations.

But when the filter is gone then that which is observed and that which is observing are gone too.

In a sense, the very existence of what is observed, and the observer, depends on the existence of the filter.

Thus, reality is the filter that is observing itself.


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3 thoughts on “A Model of Reality

    • Thanks KG! I thought so too, it is Vinay’s work. I only mirrored it. I copied it over from his blog because it mirrored an epiphany that I had solo auditing about three years ago. I found myself looking down down down (I guess I just love metaphors) the rabbit hole and looking over many types of wrongdoing from all angles (flows). Picture Dante’s rings of hell. When I reached the supposed center, or basic wrongdoing, past all the travail and demons, there at the bottom looking me in the eye TR-zero style was myself. That changed me into myself. At least that’s the way I can describe it. I know that sucks but oh well! LOL! Seriously though, good moment for me.

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