Motion of Our Solar System Through the Galaxy

tumblr_mj0vvcqnZx1qdlh1io1_400[1]I love the way 3 dimensional computer graphics can give an astute modeling of the processes going on in our world. Going back, way back our model of the universe had Earth at the center, sitting fixed in space and upon the shoulders of Atlas, with the heavens turning about the Earth every day. A lot of arguing has occurred since that time and now we have quite a different way of seeing ourselves in relation to the rest of the Milky Way galaxy.  The big yellow ball in the center is our mother Sun with Earth and the rest of our sibling planets revolving around their mother.

8 thoughts on “Motion of Our Solar System Through the Galaxy

  1. Amazing post. I often wondered if there is an ap that sums all our vectors so we can know exactly what direction we are going when you add the earth’s spin, rotation. sun’s direction, galaxy spin and universe spin.

    Which way are you going? Duh. Hard to find.

    • Thanks KG. The world I live in is roiling and undulating. One more problem that ap would have to take into consideration is the expansion of the very space in which we reside! — A lot to handle!

  2. The action of this graphic is interesting but the scale is way too small. I did some figuring and using the diameter of the sun compared to a 9-1/2″ diameter basketball as a scale. I find that the earth is a bb, .088″ in diameter, 86 feet away from the Sun. Our moon is a pencil dot .024″ in diameter, 2-1/2 inches away from the earth. At this scale, the speed of light is only 2 inches per second.

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