Synchronicity or Syncronization? . . . Steve Reich or Third Reich?

I’m posting two musical pieces.  The first is “Music for 18 Musicians” composed by Steve Reich.  Maybe you want to listen to it a couple times through, it’s worth at least a 10 minute meditation.

Then the second piece is a physics experiment demonstrating the stresses present which pressure 32 disharmonic metronomes to synchronize after only a few minutes.  I call it a musical piece but maybe you want to call it a rhythm piece.  No matter.  The experiment was not set up by but is explained by Joe Hanson, PhD, we can watch, meditate, and ponder upon the unseen processes at work which present themselves as both harmonics, and discordants, and which work to organize seemingly against the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.  But is it?  Watch and see if it gives you any ideas about the Nature of things.

26 thoughts on “Synchronicity or Syncronization? . . . Steve Reich or Third Reich?

  1. There seems to be something very fundamental about circular functions, such as those that represent waves and oscillations. The whole universe seems to have been built on that.

    These functions underlie visual panorama and also music.

    Everything is in some ways repetitive in this universe. So, there are these functions with long and short periods. I am now studying these functions in math.


    • I have a chicken and egg question about this. 1. Are there mathematical functions underpinning reality or, 2. Is mathematics simply the language which is able to describe what processes are occurring? (Or should I use the word abstraction rather than processes, momentarily confused on this point.)

    • Vin: These functions underlie visual panorama and also music.

      Chris: So we are asserting that functions underpinned by mathematics underly the abstractions of sight and sound?

        • Yes, very good. Is there any example of one reaching the processes themselves? I don’t see any example. What we refer to as manifestation is to us only available through abstraction. We seem to be ongoing processes which come into manifestation only through abstraction?

          Yet if we look at sub-processes to greater overall processes, such as processes within our bodies, There are processes occurring at that level and I wonder if they are abstracted by the processes ongoing?

          I’m seeing something here but can’t say it because it can’t be known. It’s like looking through muddy water to read something written at the bottom of the puddle. I try to pull it away with my hands but the water runs back too fast to read what is there. So fast that I only think something is written there but cannot swear to it.

        • There seems to be a “dimension of abstraction” on which lie degrees of abstraction.

          Here is a gradient of abstraction.

          (1) Three cups, three plates, three spoons
          (2) Three
          (3) Natural Numbers (counting numbers)
          (4) Whole numbers
          (5) Rational numbers
          (6) Irrational numbers


    • Vin: Everything is in some ways repetitive in this universe.

      Chris: The twist to this that I am seeing and want to emphasize comes from parsing out the word iterative from the word re-iterative. This is an important key to understanding how fractals explain the world, such things as biological reproduction. Recursive? Yes. Self-similar? Yes. Repetitive? Never.

  2. The metronomes get in sync because of the way they are set up on a moving platform that allows force to be transmitted among the metronomes. Each metronome represents a circular function. These circular functions have the same period, but, initially they are out of phase. After a few minutes they get into the same phase.

    This is like inconsistencies leveling out, when allowed to freely readjust.


    • Vin: This is like inconsistencies leveling out, when allowed to freely readjust.

      Chris: That is what I was seeing as well. Doesn’t this tend to explain the social force of peer pressure?

        • Maybe but the universe in which we dwell is social and so for this frame of reference, peer pressure makes up much of the forces coming to bear on our lives. Next to sunshine and gravity, peer pressure is coming in high on the scale.

          When I am mindful, I am not resisting these pressures. Rather I am acknowledging them and mentally allowing them to run their course.

          But what about when social pressure goes into sync with a devastatingly destructive idea? — Such as world war.

        • Social environment seems to be continuing interaction among abstractions of physical environment. Here filters are very active. World war may occur when filters go into sync.

          Here we have Hubbards, “agreement” and ARC triangle.


        • I see mass swinging to and fro and gathering itself together synchronizing in space. In someway, this seems similar to considerations oscillating to and fro and coalescing into being.

          Existence may be more complicated than I first supposed. Yes, you may quote me on that.

        • Vin: How? To me this experiment with metronomes seems to be more demonstrative of what happens in meditation.

          Chris: What I am seeing are things swinging to and fro with the mass and motion creating concentric cycles from eccentric ones. Even with so few moving parts, the enire calculation; the entire moving picture of what happens becomes wonderfully complex, yet all pieces fall into lock-step. Isn’t that just amazing?

  3. The metronome model may explain in an earthly manner what happens during a meditation that allows attention to level out freely. The lightest anchor is breathing, which is allowed to have a self-regulated re-adjustable period.

    After some practice meditation may become like this metronome experiment.

    Then a KHTK guided process may be used to introduce an inconsistency. One can then sit back and watch it level out with wonderful gains.


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