Man Is Stupid and Brainwashed

Man, for all his abilities, is yet in a stupid state. As George Carlin said, “Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of them are stupider than that.”

Think-about-how-stupid-the-average-person-is-and-then-realize-that-half-of-them-are-stupider-than-thatI’m only going to mention L Ron Hubbard‘s reactive mind as a reference because I don’t need to bash the bloodied Scientology to find cannon fodder for a thread on brainwashing. Anyways, the reactive mind was Hubbard’s solution to man’s stupidity. That and a few more things like misunderstood words, etc.,.

But we look at ourselves and from time to time say, “Boy, I am so dumb.” And we wonder at the ideas we come up with and the sometimes weird solutions that we devise. And I’ve been looking at myself since I am the most available dumb person for me to examine and I’ve seen that I’ve got a hunger to know things; and I abhor not knowing. Delaying gratification of knowing is really hard for me. Putting me in a vacuum of knowledge for any period of time puts me in the vulnerable position of being more suggestable than I normally would be if I were in a social environment with an easy give and take of social strokes.

And so looking at this I thought what around me has a distaste for being alone and gloms onto any datum in its vicinity and I came up with the process of accretion . Accretion is a build up of layers of matter due to gravity and is the process by which planets and other heavenly astronomical bodies are formed. Accretion goes on until all the material in a vicinity has been exhausted. Stars are thus formed and when the accretion has reached a certain large tipping point, the gravity becomes so great that a nuclear fire is ignited and the star begins to burn brightly.

Do our personalities have magnetism? Romantic lore tells us that we they do. Endless writing about one’s attraction to another fills book shelves. We all know that birds of a feather flock together, but is it gravity at work? Or better yet, what about electrostatic force? I shy from gravity because I’m thinking that this is a component of space-time rather than of electrical charge plus I don’t know of any “anti-gravity” and I’m going there next.

Are our personalities charged? And are they charged on a type of dynamic scale where our personalities are more and less charged and possibly neutrally charged and possibly oppositely charged? And does this charge and consequential accretion of thoughts make any of us more prone somehow to brainwashing? And if it does, what mechanism could we; or do we naturally use to ward off this brainwashing? And can this charge affected by our own limited free will?

Anyway, thinking about the OP, I thought of this alternative or possible supplement if you will to Hubbard’s reactive mind.

35 thoughts on “Man Is Stupid and Brainwashed

  1. In reality there is no such a thing as stupidity…. no, that do not exist… Stupidity is a name addressing situations which that person dont have ability to comprehand, in his reality it is not OK, not accebtable because his reality is better supperior… You better take a closer look what stupidity means to you than write that one down here. have fun..

  2. Thanks for the like Elizabeth. Sometimes my mind drifts and I drive to familiar places when I actually wanted to go somewhere else. That’s kind of what I’m referring to by stupidity. . . also its fun to call people stupid! hahaha

    • Stupidity is a very comples set of different realities… take a closer look and you will see in every time we call somebody stupid even for fun, with that comment we degrade that persons reality, we evaluate it, that absolutly has no value.. You stupid indiot. Best start with examining: when do you call your-self stupid idiot? when? On what occasion?

  3. Of course, I agree with Elizabeth, absolutely, and thank you for saying that so well, Elizabeth.

    But I think you’re saying something strongly here, intentionally, and also playfully, Chris, in order to explore a concept, and I applaud you for it.

    Here is a link to a poet talking about this phenomenon of watering down our speech to the point that the dilution leaves nothing actually having been said:

    Taylor Mali – Like Totally Whatever

    To your point, Chris, yes, I think our thoughts are more like electrical charge and they absolutely have the quality of accretion, (a new concept to me, so thank you for defining it) in that like thought attracts like thought and they do indeed build up sometimes into beliefs and that people with like minded thoughts would tend to stick to each other, sharing those thoughts, which would in turn cause more accretion.

    As for brainwashing, I don’t know, I try to avoid it. 😉

    A very interesting essay putting forth a lot of ideas I hadn’t considered before and drawing from fields I haven’t studied.



    • Nia, I alway talk the same way… Chris is used to it by now..I have no idea who you are, if you ever been in scientology or not but I have been.
      Through as-ising I have lost the frills so now i shoot straight from the hip.. because of that Chris has died a few time over this past two years since we have become friends and once he too shut me down and i crashed into burning heap.. But we have many lives so we rise up and we continue and love each other.. No ego…

      • That’s awesome, Elizabeth. I did not intend to debate your point. I hope I did not come across that way. I was sort of using your comment as a starting point for my own thought.

        I know absolutely nothing about Scientology, so forgive my cluelessness, please.



        • I did not feel chalanged, not for one second… so we dont have a problem.. You write delightfully and I my english could be better and my spelling is simply bad.. so enjoy Chrises blog and I like his views, he is good.. and he too writes well.. Lovely talking with you!

        • Nia, we Chris and I and lot of other people we do big time debating in Geir Isenes Blog.. We do know how to…. we have lots of fun..sometimes we even use boxing gloves..if you want to be a by-stander than you have to bring your own popcorn.. hehehe..

    • Nia: As for brainwashing, I don’t know, I try to avoid it. 😉

      Chris: Nia, a bunch of us that hang out together on these blogs used to be Scientologists. It is an intense cult experience that hangs on for years after we’ve left, so some of our posts are going to be laced with experiences and lingo from that part of our lives. Just mentioning it to give fair warning in case some of our take on things seems non sequitur at times.

        • You are welcome Nia. Vinaire, you know from his blog. Elizabeth who you’ve just been chatting with — her blog can be found at; and then the other one we haunt is

          May be heady stuff for the uninitiated; however, you are smart and tough — there may be stimulating thoughts on all these — we are all ex-Scientologists and found one another blogging.

          It is nice to have you around. Provides a less jaded view. 🙂

        • Elizabeth: could you explain what is a ”jaded view”

          Chris: Of course, “Tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something.”

  4. I see! I have seen a lot of references in the threads and have no problem with not understanding the references. If I really need to know, I can look it up. But so far, I haven’t really needed to know. I thought it might be good to clarify, that I know nothing about the topic, although you have probably already figured that out.

    I really like your post. It’s intriguing and chalk-full of physics, about which I know so little. It’s interesting to apply the concepts to thought and human, social and psychological experiences. Gravity versus electromagnetism, for example.

        • Nia: You were one of the first people I met through blogging and it has been a pleasure.

          Chris: Our worlds grow. Vinay is (East) Indian and lives in Florida. Elizabeth is Hungarian, sports a Norwegian last name and lives near Victoria BC; and I am native USA and live in my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Geir Isene is Norwegian and lives and works from Oslo. There’s a ton more of us waiting to light up your life — hahaha.

        • hehehe.. we are brilliant…. we really are.. but we dont have ego. or very little so we dont have a Big head..

  5. We dont have jaded view!!
    I have a small jade collection each one is most beautiful and they are very old carvings.. I even have a large black jade turtle.. he is magnificent..royal blood.. even if it is stone but jade is the not really stone, in hardness is just under the diamond. And jade is the stone for Gods from the Gods..

  6. Man is, no doubt, trapped in his own considerations. Hubbard almost realized that but could not let go of the consideration of individuality (self). He got trapped there and created a system that, unfortunately, ended up trapping others there with his OT Levels.

    One may say, “I have no ego,” while displaying the biggest ego that there is. It is just fun to watch. One does not have to claim whether one has ego or not. Lack of ego simply shines by itself as in case of Buddha. It’s main characteristic is compassion for all and a lack of inconsistency.

    Real knowing is discovering one’s own consideration and detaching oneself from it. This phenomenon is called “realization.” It always leads toward greater simplicity as complexities dissolve one after another. This is lessening of conditioning or “brainwashing.”

    Thus, conditioning or “brainwashing” is always toward greater complexity due to increased attachment to considerations. This is very interesting in that greater attachment to “freedom” or “OTness” or nirvana would actually be greater conditioning.

    “Look at me,” “How wonderful I am,” the song and dance about one’s abilities, accusing others (focus on self) is all conditioning. On the other hand, looking at and isolating inconsistencies, recognizing the underlying considerations and letting them go, feeling of universal compassion, would be the way to de-condition oneself.


    • Vinaire: “It’s main characteristic is compassion for all and a lack of inconsistency.”

      Chris: “Vinaire, looking at this state or condition of man, do you suppose that your description here is more highly evolved, or if I can phrase this correctly, do you suppose that this condition is a retraction, a regression from a more complex state?

      The idea behind this question is that Scientology proposes to remove complications from the mental state. But naturally, man has progressed to the state that we see around us today without this regression — is my meaning clear? On a time line, man would seem to be adding considerations. Are these considerations elevating him or unnecessarily complicating him? Or neither? Or both?

      • Complexity resides in the filters and not in the perception point. Maybe filters are like layers of onions. What one is looking at is an aspect of filter only.

        Is there something really out there? Yes and no. What is out there, probably started long time ago as a speculation or assumption. But later it got solidified as “something out there.” Thus, the first layer of onion was formed around nothing.

        Then each subsequent layer was formed around the previous layers. These layers came about as logical associations were first assumed and then got solidified. Complexity comes about as more and more layers of the filter-onion are added. Maybe the universe is just this filter-onion. The layers that we identify with are invisible to us. Only the layers farther away are visible to us because an immediate and intimate identification is not there.

        So, this complexity of filter-onion is a phenomenon extending from us. But what makes us complex is our identification or attachment to it. This complexity of filter-onion can be there and growing, but the moment we realize this phenomenon as a phenomenon and let go of our attachment to it, we reduce to a simple perception-point. We can then play with this complex filter-onion without being complex ourselves.

        The ideas above may not be clear as I am still working them out. But, I hope, they are not very confusing.


        • Vinaire: So, this complexity of filter-onion is a phenomenon extending from us. But what makes us complex is our identification or attachment to it. . . . We can then play with this complex filter-onion without being complex ourselves.

          Chris: You are being quite clear. I can really work with these concepts.

        • Vin: Is there something really out there? Yes and no.

          Chris: That’s just how I see it as well. Extant physics does and doesn’t lay it out quite right… Future understandings may consider our “knowledge” to be very primitive.

          The first false supposition of physics and spirituality or metaphysics as well is to draw a hard line between and say that there are separate physics. We just haven’t looked deep enough.

    • wow. sorry, in too much of a state of “boy, I am so dumb” to say more. 😉

      Well, not really.

      This is very refreshing, Vinaire. I really appreciate the reminder to return to mindfulness. Once again, you all seem to offer just what I’m needing at just the right moment. I’m trying to re-tool an old novel into a new offering, something I’m calling a “blepic”. I was excited and inspired until last night when I looked at the old novel and decided “it wasn’t good enough” and “it would be too much work.” So I was going to abandon it without trying. But in an email I read before this, a friend was wondering why I was giving that up so easily. Then I saw this, and I realize when I was looking at the novel last night, I forgot to be mindful. I was loaded with judgement and fear.

      “Boy, I am so dumb!”

      Thank you both!


      • dumb! haha. Hardly! Well, we are all trying. I’m with your friend . . . keep trying. Vin is a good example of someone who doesn’t mind scrapping anything he is working on to start over if that is what he needs to make progress… I try to be mindful of that as well.

        • Thank you, Chris! And I have exciting new ideas to make it work now! Involving my own drawings an paintings.

          Remember I said paradigms were falling fast around me and as a result, new opportunities are keeping me busy? Yeah, one of those tumbling paradigms is “I am not an artist.” From the blogisphere I have had that notion challenged and it’s just what I need to make my blepic work.

          Vin is, indeed, a good example. Because he scraps, but immediately starts over! That second half is important! I was just going to scrap.

  7. Stupidity would be not knowing one’s own considerations while being attached to them. Being attached to certain considerations knowingly would not be stupidity; it would be ignorance.

    “Boy, I am so dumb” is simply an exclamation that may accompany a sudden realization. It is letting go of stupidity and ignorance. It is movement in the direction of greater simplicity.

    A desperation to know comes about when one is confronted with inconsistencies. One may then look at one inconsistency at a time. The best protection against becoming suggestible are the 12 steps of Mindfulness. It is the violation of these 12 steps that brings about conditioning and “brainwashing.”

    The seeming vacuum of knowledge is actually the case of being prevented from looking. There is probably some consideration that one is attached to so very strongly that it is screening one’s ability to look. Resorting to the very first step of mindfulness, “Look attentively at what is right there in front of you,” may help one get past this hurdle.

    Yes, “attachment” is a very interesting subject to look at. Gravity, electrostatic attraction, affinity, etc, may be looked upon as the harmonics of attachment.


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