What Do We Mean By Purpose?

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The first important cognitions that I had as a child involved wondering at the paradox of my own individuality.

Then as I grew the first important cognition came as I studied the Lutheran Catechism when I realized that man’s (my) purpose on earth was to unravel my own existence to my own satisfaction. This was a cognition or epiphany and not a teaching, was not taught, oh no, not in that Catechism! I practiced that Catechism, learned it, devoted time, energy, focus to it, even though my heart knew better; knew another type of path other than serving an

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anthropomorphic god was to be my path. Other cognitions followed, other satisfactions, but the most important one of all has remained that initial one regarding my purpose on earth and that one by itself defined the parameters of the path that I have walked and the game I have been playing. I have undergone many changes; many truths; many evolutions of my self, but that glimmer of my primary purpose has remained golden and now as I look back on the road which has been my life, I smile.  Those people that I’ve collected around me seem to have that purpose too.  We have simply walked the walk of life. Every possible walk of life is possible. Each possible walk has been and is being walked. It has been for the walking that we have walked.  What?  But that is a tautology!  Yes, it is!

42 thoughts on “What Do We Mean By Purpose?

  1. Than I have not miss-understood you “Each possible walk has been and is being walked. It has been for the walking that we have walked. ”
    I have reality: totally different. I never agree on this. since everything we experience is in the “NOW” there is no past, that having ”past” is a consideration, in reality ”past”’ dont exist.

  2. The following has been my latest realization:


    Perceptibility of a manifestation allows it to be perceived. However, any perception is subject to how that manifestation is being perceived. This aspect of perception may be called a filter. This filter can be so insubstantial that it is almost transparent, or it can be so substantial that the manifestation appears totally different from what it really is.

    Manifestation is the same as its perceptibility. It is the filter, which makes a manifestation appear to be separate from its perception. When there is no filter the manifestation may simply appear to be the consideration of itself.

    True objectivity would be seeing something for what it is without any filters.That would mean, “Seeing something without any viewpoint.”

    I was surprised to discover that a viewpoint itself acts as a filter. To extend it bit further, the very SELF seems to act as a filter.

    Self seems to come into being after the fact of manifestation. I have to look at it more closely.


    • Yes the view point is a consideration and if one has that in place one views through that or judge from that established view point..

  3. I too was brought up in the Lutheran tradition. One German grandmother was a succesful Lutheran bigot.
    Whatever we think it is, IS and therefore exists for us.

    • right my dear… “what you see is what you get…” remember Flip Wilson show? He used to say that…
      what we read into things, how we judge others, that too is only ours…our reality and cant get away from that..
      So far I am having on incradible good day.. one of the best ever…. Love you all!!! I really do!!

      • Not remember the Flip show quite. Thank you string of beautiful pearls sister for sharing your most brilliant love!

    • That’s what I discovered too. Whatever we think. Now I continue to look for where “whatever I think” comes from. I was looking at Elizabeth’s statement that we only ask questions that we know the answer to and I thought, you know that’s applicable to more than asking questions. It’s applicable to our view of existence and it’s also tautological. I plan to write a post on tautology directly after I iron out a couple bugs.

      • I had to look up the word tautology again since I don’t use the clearing process. Yes one can self hypnotize (brain wash) oneself with that. But one does have a choose, right? Interestingly when I ask a question I usually do know the answer but when not I use a pendulum and seems to work out for me. Not many answers we don’t really know deep down.

        • Choice or no-choice ensconced in a universe of infinite possibilities becomes a tautology. See where I am going with this?

          Now do we live in a universe of infinite possibilities?

        • I do have my own conjectures of where this leads but it is only an intuition. When we get our minds wrapped around the outside of our sense of individuality, we might be surprised about the master thingy!

      • Jesus man… you are going to iron bugs? did you asked if that is Ok by them, or you will club them to death first before you apply the Iron?

    • My family was Norwegian Lutheran and my catechism was a unique opportunity. There were no Lutheran’s close to us at that time so we drove 30 miles each way through a long and winding road (no pun). The old minister who taught me was “retired.” Our church consisted of about 25 retired people, no families with kids, and only me under the age of 60 or so. Every Sunday after service, he would stay for an hour with me to teach and help me study, then gave homework. My confirmation consisted of myself alone reciting in front of those few aged members. The memorization was helpful because it made the data easy to access and to think about.

      • Mine was quite different with many families. I remember my confirmation with many others. I didn’t get into the religious aspects too much it was rather something I had to do and went along with it. You know the sheep… I enjoyed when the minister gave a good serman in much of my life and that’s what I likes most in any church I attended. I remember my father later in life upon finding each other again said after a service he attended with me. “you believe in that crap?” Always stuck with me as a question, why. Of course this was all before scio, tho I was always looking for answers and the why’s .

        • Yes, why? — chicken thigh!

          There are to me bubbles of context. Within these bubbles there are organized systems and these systems can be consistent within their bubbles. Their content may seem ludicrously inconsistent outside their bubble.

  4. Yes, yes! It is indeed for the walking that we have walked! Such a wonderful complement to the quote that sits in the sidebar to my own blog: “Traveller, there is no path. The path is made by walking.” I think, too, that this idea of walking one’s own path links to your post about certainty — or at least to my own concern about it. I am wary of those who are certain, for certainty feeds fanaticism.

    • ” I am wary of those who are certain, for certainty feeds fanaticism.”
      Only in ther MEST Universe!!!… In the spiritual univers “certainty” is real…. but than nothing is solid here…

      • icelndpenny : “The path is made by walking.” love that, but you do need some certainty that your feet will touch the ground in a certain way, and you can know how to walk, so as not to fall.
        I agree with Elizabeth that “the spiritual universe “certainty” is real…. but than nothing is solid here…”
        One gains certainly and cannot lose it in the spiritual realm. Without some certainty one could be lost.

        • Such a good post. Gets right down to the nuts and bolts of why we anchor to one or just a few frames of reference. The universe seems inordinately large and turbulent and fast. Every stretch of the envelope is uncomfortable until we begin to look forward to the “Booo!” around the corner.

    • while we walk on the path we ecounter many things and among the many considerations ”certainty” would be one of them..

    • icelandpenny… just think about that word again””CERTAINTY””
      Without certainty confidence sureness assurance conviction inevitability faith-in something: these concepts are part of the MEST Universe… the way it is on the Earth.
      Those concepts make things go round on Earth: they ensure continuum solidity: the continual creation The Game: The Havingness, The Values of the MEST
      Without those concepts there would be uncertainty, nebulousness vagueness ambiguity opacity hesitation: hehehe this Earth would not be a very solid place and that means the BANK would not hold the Spiritual Being in its Prison….
      Than Earth still would be a nice place to be..

    • Yes. Sometimes I’ve thought that it is the easiest thing in the world to be fanatic. We live in a world where it is easier to keep our heads down and never look to the right or left. Much more pressure and pain associated with tearing off the scabs on our sleeping consciousness.

      Mankind is so preoccupied with fanaticism. Sometimes I think our purpose, after being dropped off here, is to sort it all out… To make our way out of the wilderness using only our wits like an episode of “Man Against Wild.”

      • Chris,,, we only have one purpose IS TO CONFRONT OUR CREATION….. what could be any other reason? If there is some other reason please name a few.
        In my reality those who Undrerstand the Tech… with that understandig know why we walk the walk…and definately for not walking to to the bakery and to pick up a loaf of bread again..

    • icelandpenny we are waiting for your communication… drops of wisdom about what other reality you have of “certainty” ?

  5. For me purposes are things that grow from us naturally. We fall in love and have a marriage and we want it to be rich – PURPOSE.

    We have a child and we want it to be nurtured – PURPOSE.

    We see a blog post on a message board by someone and it stirs us the desire to communicate – PURPOSE.

    We find out that we are good at ping pong and decide to try to make a dash for the world’s greatest footbag champion – PURPOSE.

    Purpose and meaning are often switched around.

      • Yeah, for me it’s kinda like an experience rather than a “thing.” And we can experience it in dozens of ways.

        Meaningful media.
        Meaningful relationships.
        Meaningful mythologies.

        There is a 3:1 ratio of “positive affects” over “negative affects” being promoted as late. Some research is saying that for an upward trend toward optimal well-being a person needs a 3:1 ratio of positive affects over negative affects.

        If life has “bad meaning” or “no meaning” it may be that we are experiencing more negative affects that positive ones. If it has “good meaning” it may mean more positive affects exist.

        I think many of us change the definition of meaning. It may be to some that life has meaning ONLY if it aligns with a religion or mythology. All the “fun stuff” is just fun stuff.

        Maybe the best thing is to divide meaning from religion as far as possible? Hmm. Have to think on that one.

        Meaning. It’s what I make the way I wanna make it!

        • Me too. I’m going to check out Alanzo’s link to “Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking Skills.” Do you know about that? I clicked on it and it’s intriguing.

        • Mortality might be the glue to religious meaning Vin. Mortality is the incentive to bind meaning to our drive to survive.

          But if you, Chris and I played ping pong every Monday night for years and bullshitted and drank beverages, eventually that practice (assuming we all had fun) would be meaningful sans any religion.

          It would take it’s own meaning.

          That’s why I think the whole “meaning total” of a life is more like a collage of different images than a singularity.

          Perhaps people who assign meaning to ONE THING, have written off much of natural happiness by boxing it up.

        • I worry about a ‘meaning’ only when it conflicts with some other ‘meaning’. Otherwise, I simply let it be.

          From resolving conflicts comes my biggest gain in learning.


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