Why I Blog.

I blog to change and not to preserve the status quo. Filtering my considerations through these discussions on the net is dialysis for my mind.  It is a simple, easy, and free way to engage others for the purpose of examining my own considerations for the purpose of leveling my internal inconsistencies.  Like a doctor holding the old x-ray photograph up next to the newer one, blogging provides quantification to show me that I am changing, how much, and in which direction.

10 thoughts on “Why I Blog.

  1. That is cool, but there is also the problem of mutual agreements, mutual frames of reference, shared viewpoints, which I am sure make us blind to quite possibly a whole load of crap ……… I mean Status quo ante bellum.

    About that I kind of like one comment Ron made somewhere in the PDC about this universe being constructed by agreements ( frames of reference in my understanding) and Scientology processing following the inverse route, that of learning to disagree ……… or something like that, and also that when we agree thoroughly with something we become “it”.

    So maybe we have to “be ” something to know it, but we would have to do it while at the same time not agreeing with it, maybe instead making “it” agree with us, or maybe we have to “be” it while keeping our “selves” close to “pure cause”, which curiously is where our “selves” tend to vanish !! Ha ha ha !!!!

    This is why I don´t have a blog !!! I´m too crazy or we live in a universe too full of contradictions for me Ha ha ha !!

    Thanks to God some other people dare to blog and in so doing create breathing space for us crazy bastards 🙂

    • A universe seems to be created out of alter-is-nesses and not-is-nesses. If there are agreements then these would be with alter-is-nesses and not-is-nesses. These things would be visible as inconsistencies even when they are agreed upon.

      If one really wants to understand what a universe is about then all one has to do is spot inconsistencies and observe them closely until one is able to as-is them one after another. This is different from learning to disagree, which is an activity that does not make sense to me.

      Also I don’t understand what it means to disagree ‘thoroughly’ and becoming ‘it’. Can somebody explain that to me, please!

      What follows in R’s post is a marvelous inconsistency created by Hubbard’s theory, which many accept blindly. This will be something interesting to dig into. 🙂


      • It is: If we agree thoroughly with something (mainly a consideration) we can become “it”.

        To my understanding it would be similar to ” not seeing any inconsistence in it ”
        Likewise, I see some similarity between disagreeing and finding inconsistencies in something.

        See defn. # 3


        ▶verb (agrees, agreeing, agreed)
        1 have the same opinion.
        ■ (be agreed) (of two or more parties) be in agreement.

        2 (agree to/to do something) say that one will do something.
        ■ reach agreement about.

        3 (agree with) be consistent with.
        ■ Grammar have the same number, gender, case, or person as.

        4 [usu. with neg.] (agree with) be good for.
        – origin ME: from OFr. agreer, based on L. ad- ‘to’ + gratus ‘pleasing’.

  2. Both excellent contributions as usual. You are very hard on yourself Rafael! I can tick off on very few fingers the bloggers whose knowledge and well thought out responses that I respect and admire and you are definitely one! I do understand the seemingly never ending contradictions we deal with when digging our way through epistemology but I have to agree with Vin and a KHTK approach to leveling the inconsistencies that we address.

    Blogging is new in the world and is the harbinger of the Information Age. Even in my lifetime, I’ve had pen-pals whom I hand-wrote letters to, then waited interminable lengths of time to receive answers. I never dreamed we would be able to do this several times per day with several people per day and do research meanwhile in order to get up to speed enough to keep up. Blogging is amazing and did I mention my addiction, er uh, …

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