Do You Think Remote Viewing Is Possible? Or, What Is It That We Aren’t Understanding About Space-Time?

As a teenager thinking about the form and structure of what would comprise my forthcoming adulthood, I had a series of what I would call negative epiphanies, or sudden realizations that paradigms that I was being trained into and information which I was studying were dead-ends, otherwise known as bullshit.  These negative epiphanies were useful for they left a void in my mind that wanted to be filled.  These moments provided and continue to provide an opportunity to replace what I consider false information and concepts with knowledge that I consider more workable.

One of the first such positive epiphanies was a moment when about 18 years of age and becoming aware of my mortality and seeing the length of my life as a line of indeterminable length, I decided that though I might not determine the length of my life-line, I could possibly determine the width. Though I grew up as a true believer in self-determinism and freewill, I have since come to recant the importance of self-determinism and to question the availability of any freewill.  That I have will is self-evident but that it is not free seems also self-evident as it is impinged upon by every corner of my existence.

Thanks to Maria who shared the following YouTube video by Courtney Brown, PhD,  who explains his theory of how remote viewing can be understood against the background of quantum mechanics.  His concept of the brain as a narrow-band-width hologram generator coincides with my own research into myself.  This video is 21 minutes long and although the title contains remote viewing, Dr. Brown spends 20 minutes setting up his summation without mentioning remote viewing.  Watch and you will see why.

I also find that the environment presents itself to me in a flat format or if not precisely flat, then as though against the inside surface of a sphere with my brain on the inside of that sphere.  This is an analogy where the physical sensory receptors of my body are represented by that sphere.  In fact, I see the interior of that sphere in terms of fractal plotting and possibly the complexly-folded brain is the interior of that sphere.  Using fractal math plotted in the complex plane, it can be demonstrated that the illusion of both space-time and travel can be represented in a 2 dimensional format by simply panning and zooming in and out of this graphical representation.  I have been called a flogger of fractals and that may be correct for I use them a lot and learn about every area of my life from the fractal constructs.

12 thoughts on “Do You Think Remote Viewing Is Possible? Or, What Is It That We Aren’t Understanding About Space-Time?

  1. All that I consider to be important is the ability to visualize. How or where one visualizes is not important to me. Remote viewing is visualization pure and simple. How accurate can it be is apparently a function of that person’s experience and his ability to extrapolate. This ability seems to increase in direct proportion to his recognition and elimination of inconsistencies.


  2. Here is a comment from Vinaire about remote viewing from my thread on Imagination vs. Knowledge:
    Vinaire on October 6, 2012 at 11:24 am said:To me, remote viewing is a visualization that comes damn close to the actuality. A visualization could be basically converting one’s data back into picture form. It could be going back up on the following scale:

    Sensory input

    • It seems that brain might correctly be located on this scale at Perception. The brain seems to be generating the analogies through which we experience our world. I would like to understand if the brain filters out the universe except for that bit that we experience. My understanding of ‘brain enhancing’ drugs is that they cause a stimulation of the brain plus possibly a lessening of the perception filters.

      Ideas or links anyone?

  3. That is a very good question. Maybe the drugs affect the programming of the mind which interprets incoming signals. Drugs probably bypass the installed programming and revert to a DNA level programming.

    This seems to be an exciting area to explore.


  4. No remote viewing can be demonstrated under observable conditions. If it exists, it’s an anomaly that cannot be verified over mere luck. The only way it could work is if the remote viewing is in another universe or exists only outside observation.

    And if anything that can potentially exist does exist, all remote viewing exists somewhere anyway so let’s enjoy that power of imagination people!

    • The general idea seems to that one travels as a thetan or as a viewpoint to a remote location to view it. This idea is nothing more than a speculation.

      The idea of other universes or dimensions is also speculation. What evidence do we have of remote viewing?


        • I think we need to look at the data which provided the basis for remote viewing.

          We should totally ignore the theories being forwarded to explain remote viewing.

          We should start by looking at raw data, which brought about the idea of remote viewing in the first place.

    • I understand ‘remote’ to mean ‘remote from the location of the body’. So the assumption is that awareness is generally limited to the vicinity of the body. That means, awareness is generated through the interpretation of signals coming via sense channels.

      Is that a valid conjecture?


      • Courtney Brown’s analogy of “overlapping” ensembles in the OP seems plausible enough. But then his Farsight.Org, like the Scientology.Org seems more interested in hooking newcomers into purchasing services rather than simply sharing actual evidence of OT and remote viewing capabilities. Seems to require faith to make it personally real — reality never quite floats to the top of the pile of assertions in the form of evidence.

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