About Chris Thompson

Hi I’m one of hundreds of “Chris Thompsons” that you can find on the internet.  Though I’ve lived around the USA in California, Texas and Arkansas, I’ve been settled here in my home town of Phoenix Arizona USA for over twenty-two years.  I have been a master electrician for many years and been a licensed electrical contractor in the State of Arizona since moving back from California in 1991.  My passions include my family, music, doing many types of practical projects that capture my interests. I love to study and to think about the science behind physics and also the philosophy behind science.

12 thoughts on “About Chris Thompson

  1. Hey Chris.

    This comment is for all the contributions you have made on other’s blogs.

    Way to contribute! You rock! Now, it’s time to stop being an “also replied” and LEAD MAN.

    If you need content, may I suggest you take a look at your replies. Lots of good there.

    Peace man.

  2. Chris, You have a lot of wonderful ideas that i have read on other blogs.

    I am looking forward to see you build your blog with what is important to you. I shall participate.


    • Thank you Vinaire, That is encouraging and really means a lot to me coming from you. I’ve always been intimidated by the admin of writing and maintaining a blog. Last year I began finally keeping some notes in the “Notes” section of my facebook account. Even that is becoming unwieldy to me. I’ve notice at times that you have gathered references and links that you want to use and pulled them together in one place. That seems like a smart thing to do. Well, this has been a very good start. Thanks again.

  3. A while ago, you commented that you were “wishy washy.”

    Perhaps this is true and if it is true then one would be “wishy washy” in order to “see”:

    “You have to be it to see it.”

    • Thank you Maria. Yes and this is also related to some recent comments I made about “determinism.” When I think of “pan-determined” I don’t think of an ability to “enforce my will,” I think more of duplicating and assuming the viewpoint of others. I can describe this as wishy-washy but also as flexible or as pliable. As you write, “You have to be it to see it.”

      This is how I handle existing “Goals Problem Mass” as well as my antidote for not forming and propagating new Goals Problem Mass.

    • Creating a blog is not really my cup of tea but I’ve ended up with so many notes and all plus there are a couple things I want to write about that I thought I had to bite the bullet and try. You have my admiration for wading through the keystrokes and getting them right for your own blog.

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